The Dirty Skirts – The Collection 2005-2012 Review


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1 – Strike The Match
2 – Evil Comes
3 – The Holy Hour
4 – Home Wrecker
5 – Is This It?
6 – Daddy don’t disco
7 – Spirit Is The New Black
8 – Rolling like thunder
9 – Can’t remember your name
10 – Don’t Throw Away Your Dancing Shoes
11 – Wake
12 – Feeling The Pressure
13 – Witches bewitch us
14 – Little Tsunami
15 – Pray The Waters Come

Verdict: 3 / 5

Do you like the Dirty Skirts? Please answer Y/N. If your answer is Y, please continue on to buying this collection of their top hits. If your answer is N, please be aware that as this is a Dirty Skirts best-of collection, you will continue to not enjoy them.

Part of me feels like just leaving the review there. I mean, I like the Dirty Skirts, I think they’re demonstrative of the kind of talented young rockers we have in South Africa today aplenty, and our musical output to our size has always been phenomenal. But are they breaking up? I checked and I couldn’t find anything. For me that would be the only reason to release a best-of album that advertises on the front that it only covers 7 years. It may not be the worst thing a band has ever done, but it still smells of something I don’t enjoy when it comes to music.

In fairness, the tracks on here are all quality tracks, the best of the best, and there are a healthy 15 of them, generally more than most albums. They are also arranged in a well thought out way, with more recent singles designed to bring you in, before they showcase their original hits that you may have forgotten at the moment.

At the end of the day, this album is probably best considered for people who have never heard of the Dirty Skirts before, and I hope this makes it easier for you to come to a decision, wrapped in a new pretty package. For the rest, there’s nothing new here, no new artistic comment to make at all. This album is just fine.

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