Last Dinosaurs – In A Million Years Review


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1. "Zoom" 4:00
2. "I Can't Help You" 3:49
3. "Sunday Night" 3:55
4. "Time & Place" 3:17
5. "Andy" 3:49
6. "Satellites" 1:47
7. "Weekend" 4:16
8. "I Can't Decide" 3:18
9. "Used to be Mine" 5:29
10. "Honolulu" 4:11
11. "Repair" 5:01

Verdict: 3 / 5

For some, Indie Pop/Rock has become quite overplayed over the last few years, to the extent that the “Indie” part of it is largely vestigial, as major record companies jump on board to sell something while the going is good, and like whenever that happens, reducing the artistic merit in it tenfold at the same time. There is however something charming and honest about when it truly feels like the artist has been the one to craft each aspect of their music by hand, and this is the feeling you get with Last Dinosaurs. A sense of honesty.

In A Million Years is the debut full length album of this Australian quartet, and while Australia can be very proud of them, they have a fully international sound, that could have come from almost anywhere on multiple listenings. In fact, this fusion of globalism aids them, as European lyrics sit next to Afro-Caribbean beats, and the entire experience is enhanced in the process. The multiple cultural elements are embraced but not cheapened into parody, as might happen with a less respectful band.

Great care seems to have been taken with each aspect of the production process, and it sounds clear how much the artists were involved in the song writing process on both a melodic and lyrical basis. These two aspects join harmoniously at every point, and while the lyrics may not be the deepest or most extended metaphors in human history, they carry the mood intended per track well.

What I think I like especially about Last Dinosaurs is that they are cheerful without being naïve, not purposelessly emotional for the sake of overdramatic effect. Their songs are nice and they sound like nice people, which is a compliment. This album may not be the best of the year, but for a debut shows that they have a lot of ground that they will certainly still cross.

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