Depeche Mode – Delta Machine Review

Depeche-Mode-Delta-Machine revuew


01. Welcome To My World
02. Angel
03. Heaven
04. Secret To The End
05. My Little Universe
06. Slow
07. Broken
08. The Child Inside
09. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
10. Should Be Higher
11. Alone
12. Soothe My Soul
13. Goodbye

Bonus tracks:
01. Long Time Lie
02. Happens All The Time
03. Always
04. All That's Mine

Verdict: 2 / 5

Depeche Mode is undeniably one of the most successful electronic bands of all time, enjoying success throughout several decades. I don’t doubt their talent, but I find personally it very hard to listen to an entire album all the way through. Maybe I’m just not enough of a tortured soul, but I can only take dark gothic ambience and tortured gloomy pain so much before I switch off entirely. However for those who enjoy such things, and by all means, feel free, this album does deliver on those promises.

Delta Machine review

Despite describing it as gloomy and gothic, at least the album is energetic at times, which is a good point. However, the lyrics are somewhat reminiscent of poetry written by a teenager after their first break up. Although their albums are minimalist in terms of music elements, there’s very little subtlety to them, every track is a push on the listener to try and sound as tortured as possible. And I find there is very little way to relate to them, talk of penetrating souls and bleeding out hearts don’t really relate to much in the real world on their own, and despite metaphors being employed in music by everyone, good metaphors have a grounding in reality in some way rather than just shouting poetic concepts to the cosmos in an effort to sound deep.

Maybe I don’t get the point of Depeche Mode, and as a mood piece, I definitely see the appeal of the album. But as a poetic piece, it just irritates me with its two dimensional shape. At the end of the day though, music should make you feel something, so I suppose it has succeeded at that.

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