Dead Can Dance – Anastasis


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1. "Children of the Sun" – 7:33
2. "Anabasis" – 6:50
3. "Agape" – 6:54
4. "Amnesia" – 6:36
5. "Kiko" – 8:01
6. "Opium" – 5:44
7. "Return of the She-King" – 7:51
8. "All in Good Time" – 6:37

Verdict: 4 / 5

Many bands can only imagine that it would be possible to have a new album after 16 years, and yet, that is exactly what Dead Can Dance has just done. However, it may be easier for them than it would be others, seeing as Dead Can Dance sounds like it is something beyond human comprehension entirely, so perhaps our mortal conceptions have no meaning for the duo that create such efforts.

dead can dance album review

The easiest word to use to describe the genre here is Fusion. However, just to give you an idea of what range the group covers, here is a list of genres attributed to their music: World Fusion, World Folk, Ethereal Wave, Dark Folk, New Age, Neo-Classical Wave, Dream Pop, Ambient, and Apocalyptic Folk. Before listening to this album, many of these were words I did not believe were genres; and yet, since listening to Dead Can Dance, there really are no better words to describe these emotive tracks.

dead can dance music review

Performances are covered by a wide and eclectic range of instruments, and singing is performed by both Lisa Gerrad and Brandon Perry alternating, meaning that a deep, masculine voice, and a lighter, soulful feminine voice complement each other throughout the album. The themes of the album seem definitely in some ways mythological, as though these are the lyrical poets performing for the high priest of Atlantis or something. The images of the album travel through Egypt, the Middle-East, Greece, and this is accomplished with pure sounds more than anything else; there are indeed vocals, but their primary focus is to contribute to the melody and setting created by the music.

If you let yourself get submerged in Anastasis, it feels almost like a journey taken that normally would require some illegal substance, but here, it’s possible with pure music. This is stated as a very positive thing, any band capable of taking music to that level is very talented indeed. If you want to lie back and let music in its purest form overtake you, check out this album.

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