David Lynch – The Big Dream Review

David Lynch - The Big Dream album Review


01 – The Big Dream
02 – Star Dream Girl
03 – Last Call
04 – Cold Wind Blowin
05 – The Ballad of Hollis Brown
06 – Wishin’ Well
07 – Say It
08 – We Rolled Together
09 – Sun Can’t Be Seen No More
10 – I Want You
11 – The Line It Curves
12 – Are You Sure

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

There’s a lot of danger in becoming too well known for doing something in a certain way. Actors have often struggled against being type cast, Michael Bay is the guy who blows stuff up, and anyone can spot a Tim Burton movie a mile away, and so on. In the case of David Lynch, he has made an entire career out of being considered very weird and incomprehensible by a lot of people. This is not meant in a pejorative sense, as he is an extremely talented man with abilities in many different fields of creativity. The best thing about him is his nature seems to suggest an unpredictability that means he almost impossible to pin down, and while this may seem cheap in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to handle it correctly, Lynch is perhaps one of the few people in the media industry today that you would never be sure of what he does next, and that is rather exciting.

David Lynch - The Big Dream Review

The Big Dream is nominally a blues-y sort of album, with decidedly electronic elements. After all, one of the songs on the album is a Bob Dylan cover. But the mood created is decidedly Lynch’s own, a dark, twisted world that is however not that alien to ours, it is merely ours turned on its head, seen through his eyes, making the unease and the focus placed on various thoughts very much more real. Any description of this kind of music needs to be overly metaphoric and conceptual, and this does place the album out of the enjoyment of a great deal of people, it is perfectly happy to be off in the corner doing its own thing, rather than trying to please everyone. However, even someone who isn’t a fan can appreciate the dark electric feeling that is conveyed and may stay with you for hours afterwards.

David Lynch - The Big Dream Review

The Big Dream will more than likely not create many new fans; rather it will be supported and enjoyed by a core group of Lynch fans. There’s nothing wrong with this, I myself do not especially enjoy many of his films, but with them and also his music, I am able to respect his sheer mad talent.

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