Crystal Fighters – Cave Rave Review

Crystal Fighters cave rave review

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1. "Wave" 3:30
2. "LA Calling" 3:49
3. "You & I" 3:30
4. "Separator" 4:08
5. "No Man" 3:42
6. "Bridge of Bones" 5:39
7. "Love Natural" 3:19
8. "Are We One" 3:35
9. "These Nights" 3:19
10. "Everywhere" 3:15

Verdict: 4 / 5

The genre combination of Electro-Dance and Folk music is something that sounds weird; something that I never thought would have been pulled off so sincerely and entertainingly as Crystal Fighters have managed. With an truly entertaining album that can be listened to over and over, and which can be used to liven up any party, this British-Spanish band have infused traditional Basque music and culture into a upbeat and infectious selection of party tracks, they not only show us a great idea of what fun music can be, they also show us that there might be plenty in the world of music that we have not been exposed to yet; and how wonderful it is that we can still be surprised.

Crystal Fighters cave rave

Cave Rave is the band’s second album, and doesn’t really have a core idea behind it. This isn’t a bad thing, not every album needs to be conceptual, and here we have a selection of songs that may sound very separate from one another, but are somehow still connected in the spirit which the band brings to their efforts. This spirit keeps the album from being disjointed, and while the lyrics certainly aren’t bad by any means, I found myself more just having the album in the car in the background while I was driving, and found that the nature of the songs as an entire piece managed to uplift my mood every time.

Crystal Fighters sound like a band that would be great fun to see live; as though they could start a party wherever they would find themselves. They make fun music, which should definitely never be mistaken for shallowness, as their music shows a depth and appreciation for different genres and Basque culture that is really impressive. In a world of overblown melancholy in music, it’s so enjoyable to see a band that just enjoys making music.

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