One comment on “Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

  1. So I finally bought this album… and I’ll admit I was really impressed. It seems like the band set off to prove that they are good at playing their instruments on this album (because lets be honest their previous works had simple repetitive guitar and drum instrumentals). Although there is no real guitar solos here there is a better focus on their music here, rather than lyrics, like they have in previous albums.

    Which is great, but also disappointing when it comes to the few ballads – none of them are half as good as The Scientist, Yellow or In My Place.

    I also enjoyed the weird mixing here – the vocals are strangely low and certain instruments unusually loud at times. Surprisingly it works very well.

    Mylo Xyloto might be Coldplay’s attempt at creating something like The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper (which is obviously in a league of its own – But I really enjoyed the experimentation with the strange sounds). I can only imagine that they will have a handful of awards come Grammy’s next year.

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