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Ciara-Album review

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I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Sophomore (Prod. by Soundz)
Body Party (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made It)
Keep On Lookin’
Read My Lips
Where You Go (feat. Future)
Super Turnt Up (feat. Ciara) (Prod. by Jasper Cameron)
DUI (Prod. by Soundz)
Livin’ It Up (Prod. by D’Mile)
Bonus Track

Verdict: 3 / 5

In order to coax your attention and pique interest for Ciara’s new album let us, as one critic put it, have a dramatic reading of ‘I’m Out’…
“The way I put it on you got you going trippy, trippy, you wanna come for it, wishin’ you can get it get it, no-o-o-o, no-o-o-o. I got you hot, make you stop when you see me see me. You got your hand up talkin’ bout gimme, gimme no-o-oo-o”.‘I’m out’ has some fine lyrics and features Nicki Minaj delivering some super fast lines with the occasional profane raps. The song is about getting over your ex but it’s a fun sounding breakup song.

ciara album review

The album dabbles in R&B, dance and hip hop. The second track, ‘sophomore’ has a hard edged hip hop beat but Ciara adds an R&B twist with her sensual vocal delivery. ‘Body Part’ is an old school R&B slow jam, don’t fret, banal lyrics about boys and sexual innuendo are present. The crunky ‘Keep on looking’ is super groovy and will have you swaying your hand in the air and holding your crotch in no time.

The radio friendly and pop tinged ‘Read my lips’ continues Ciara’s theme of relationships but delivered in a light sounding way. ‘Where you go’ is one of the better creations on the album. It has interesting production, a guitar is tracked throughout and the song is more modern R&B-hip hop sounding, which as it stands these days, loves to add electronic flourishes.
‘Super Turnt Up’ (yes turnt) is finely produced, with crunk and electronic elements mixing well together, Ciara delivers a great vocal too. While ‘DUI’ is a strong candidate for best tune on the album, a slow, ever so funky track, which has a smooth vocal melody.

While this eponymous album is rife with clichés it is well crafted, Future and LA Reid did a good job of over seeing the creative process. The album looks to the past and touches on the present, never loosing its fun aspect by getting bogged down in slow, depressed relationship R&B tunes.

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