Celine Dion – Sans Attendre

Céline Dion Sans Attendre


01. Parler a mon pere
02. Le miracle
03. Qui peut vivre sans amour
04. L’amour peut prendre froid
05. Attendre
06. La mer et l’enfant
07. Moi quand je pleure
08. Celle qui m’a tout appris
09. Je n’ai pas besoin d’amour
10. Que toi au monde (en cours)
11. Les jours comme ca
12. Tant de temps
13. Les petits pieds de lea
14. Une chance qu’on s’a

Verdict: 3 / 5

After five years off the grid Canadian superstar Celine Dion returns with a new French album.

‘Sans Attendre’ (without meaning) is not a big hit album and the French connection might alienate certain markets but for die-hard Dion fans and casual listeners it should be a pleasant album with ample charm and panache. The opening song ‘Parler á Mon Pére’ is upbeat but is produced sparsely, no fancy recording technique here. ‘Le Miracle’ stands out due to its lovely melody and delicate texture. The vocal wafts along gently and French is perfectly suited for it. The song comes across as rural or folky in character with a children’s choir singing a lovely refrain throughout, a real pity that the rest of the album does not follow this folk template.

‘Qui peut vivre sans Amour?’ is a bland pop rock tune that is more filler than anything else. The famed French accordion is used most touchingly on ‘Le Mer et l’Enfant’; gentle and slow, this ballad evokes sadness and loss, a real treat on the album. The duet with Jean Pierre Ferland titled, ‘Une chance qu’on S’a’ is reminiscent of a Disney song, sounding like it could even be from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Celine may have been quiet for a while but she has not been left wanting. This album is low-key but it does the job and should be owned by all Dion fans.

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