BK – The Sweet Science Review

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1. The Sweet Science
2. Crazy
3. Fall Again
4. I'm a Fool
5. The One (feat. Eman)
6. Strangers
7. My Girl

Verdict: 1 / 5

‘The Sweet Science’ is the debut album by local R&B singer BK. Usher seems to be a strong influence on the Eastern Cape native but while we can compare the two it does not mean that BK’s music is of the same quality.

South Africa is not kind to musicians or singers; there is a lack of venues, labels, managers, radio and television support and mentorship. ‘The Sweet Science’s’ is so bad it cannot hide behind any of these factors. Yes, BK needs more experience and ideally he should have worked with better producers but I doubt this batch of songs would have worked with even the best music gurus. The recording quality is poor and the arrangements are silly but BK sings fairly well so there is hope.

The album is like a bad demo, so to classify it as anything else seems incorrect. BK might hit the big time if he makes the right connections but for now even he will cringe when listening to ‘The Sweet Science’ in the near future.

Available for purchase on iTunes.

10 Facts about the album:

1. All the production was done exclusively by BK except for the final mastering.
2. The process for all those tracks was, make the beat. Next day, write lyrics. Next day, modify the beat while learning the lyrics. Next day record the song. Next day mix.
3. The original demo tracks for the first few songs that were to be placed on the EP used Twinsavers toilet paper as a pop filter during the recording process.
4. Most of the tracks were recorded in BK’s bedroom.
5. The EP was recorded over a six month period.
6. All the background vocals, (even the high pitched girly ones) were done by BK himself.
7. All the beats were designed using Reason 5.
8. All vocal recording was done with Cubase 5.
9. The Presonus Studio One kit was used to record the EP.
10. Ideas were captured and shared using smart phone voice memos.

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