BigEP and LMS – Generally Regarded As Safe Review

BigEP and LMS - Generally Regarded As Safe

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Track 01 ] Ouch!
Track 02 ] Ez Ryda
Track 03 ] Left-Right
Track 04 ] What I Am
Track 05 ] Love In The West
Track 06 ] Rollin'
Track 07 ] Peacfe Of The Sun
Track 08 ] Drunk
Track 09 ] W-Side Wobble
Track 10 ] The Only Road Home
Track 11 ] Bobo Lane
Track 12 ] Hands Across The Sea
Track 13 ] Big Bhang

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

What was Paul Flynn thinking? Who is Paul Flynn? He’s the lead singer for legendary South African alternative rock band Sugardrive. Together with Springbok Nude Girls, they ruled the rock scene in the 90s. On ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ Flynn and his collaborator Schofield aka LMS try their hands at hip hop and electronica, an absurd notion yes but this they have done. Without much press or information around the release we can conclude that this album is not meant to be taken seriously. With ridiculous hip hop tunes like ‘Ouch’, ‘EZ Ryda’, and ‘Left-Right’ this album is obviously a satire of the hip hop genre and the popularity it is enjoying over more artistic or qualitative music.

The songs feature cheesy hip hop style lyrics and cheap vocal rhymes over badly programmed beats and synths. If this is a parody then the joke is on Flynn and Schofield. If you’re going to poke fun at a genre then you have to make better music than the folks you’re accusing of making bad music. The whole album seems pointless since it doesn’t achieve the goal of making fun at hip hop at all.

Maybe I have it wrong and the guys are serious but even then the music is weak and sounds like these two were simply messing around in the studio out of boredom or frustration at the state of local and international music.

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