Band of Skulls – Himalayan Review


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'Asleep At The Wheel'
'Hoochie Coochie'
'Cold Sweat'
'Brothers And Sisters'
'I Guess I Know You Fairly Well'
'You Are All That I Am Not'
'I Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead And One Dying'
'Heaven's Key'
'Get Yourself Together'
iTunes exclusive track - 'Be Mine'

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Keith Moon once described himself as the “Best Keith Moon-Style Drummer” in the world. Which certainly, no one could doubt him for claiming. That’s how I feel with Band of Skulls. They’re the best Band of Skulls-style band in the world, and once you hear that style, it’s very hard to un-hear it in all of their songs. Of course, if you enjoy that, it’s perfectly fine, and this is a very respectably talented band. But it does limit their appeal somewhat.

Himalayan is the third studio album by these British alternative rockers, and it certainly is smooth and professionally produced. The opening track is the first single, Asleep at the Wheel, which sets up with a jaunty, slap your knees to keep time sort of beat that is very enjoyable. You can imagine a whole crowd stomping along in time as they play, and it has the same inherent appeal to the human mind as any beat of that nature does. The vocals are fine, if a little too echoey at times and the guitar is solid. From there though, you realize that this is primarily all this album does; with the beat slightly altered and the echo raised or diminished. There are maybe two more soulful songs that appear on the album with lower tempos, and these are a nice change, but ultimately, what you’re getting is the bar or concert songs mentioned earlier.

Band of Skulls sound like a fun band, and sound like they would be fun in concert, but I really don’t see the need to have 10 songs that do the same thing, even if that thing is a very fun thing. All I found myself doing was putting on Asleep at the Wheel and then leaving the rest of the album. The album art was pretty good though, I must say.

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