Aerosmith – Music from another Dimension!


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2. Oh Yeah
3. Beautiful
4. Tell Me
5. Out Go The Lights
6. Legendary Child
7. What Could Have Been Love
8. Street Jesus
9. Can’t Stop Loving You
10. Lover Alot
11. We All Fall Down
12. Freedom Fighter
13. Closer
14. Something
15. Another Last Goodbye

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Has it been more than ten years since an Aerosmith album? How time flies. During the last decade Aerosmith have proved more than ever that they are the prototypical dysfunctional rock band. The band has been in limbo for the last couple of years but against all odds they reconvened and managed to spew out, ‘Music from another Dimension’. If only the music could be as glorious as fans would have hoped for after so many years of barrenness.


‘Lover XXX’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ are openers that get the good times going but sound like rehashes of the 70s and early 80s. ‘Oh Yeah’ has catchy melodies and backing vocals that save it but sounds too much like a Stones rip-off. ‘Beautiful’ is a nothingness track that makes you feel you’re back in the early 90s while ‘Tell Me’ is a bright power ballad with catchy choruses which help to move this mid tempo baby along. ‘Out Go the Lights’ moves back into pop rock and blues rock zones; a respectable tune that features a cool guitar solo but at six minutes it is far too long. In what has become a staple in American pop rock, popular country collaborator Carrie Underwood sneaks onto the album for the bluesy but bland ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’. An obligatory Diane Warren ballad ‘We All Fall Down’ crops up eventually and you’re left wondering why the band is still relying on her for material. Johnny Depp features as a guest vocalist on ‘Freedom Fighter’, a song penned and performed by Joe Perry. It’s an interesting change in direction on the album as it sounds rawer and simpler than other songs but a tad boring vocally and by this point the album is too far drawn out with insufficient quality material to warrant so many songs.

aerosmith music review

‘Music from another Dimension’ is not the strong release fans would have wanted. It has moments of listening pleasure but it is too inconsistent. If the band continues recording, after they hinted they won’t, they would need to pull a rabbit out of the hat to conjure up something fresh and new.

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