Marvel Select: The Wolverine Figure Review


Designed by: Gentle Giant

The Marvel Select: The Wolverine figure sculpt is brought to you by the ever popular Gentle Giant, who deliver a Hugh Jackman Wolverine that is so much better than the Wolverine Origins Marvel Select figure. Who remembers how quick those ones went on sale?

This awesome figure is top class and worth each cent. It captures Huge Jacked Man, I mean Hugh Jackman, in his prime as The Wolverine. Although, this figure stands at 7 inches tall (it is not on the shorter side, as people would expect Wolverine to be next to other characters), it based on the film version of Wolverine and Hugh Jackman is like 1.86 meters tall. Yes, Wolverine is topless. In all due respect, he spent most of the film topless. Honestly, if it was I had the choice between this figure or Wolverine wearing a long trench coat, I vote for this figure. The topless look shows Wolverine for what he is and that is a powerful beast that is not concerned with what he looks like. He is more focused on what his enemy’s innards look like. This sculpt shows him at his best as he goes from grumpy, to angry and into berserker rage!

The amount of detail put into The Wolverine’s muscle structure is phenomenal. Each muscle group is consistent to that of Hugh Jackman’s representation of The Wolverine. They didn’t just add a Hugh Jackman face to a generic body. Instead, the sculpting was concentrated on and really shows that Marvel Select wants to give the fans their money’s worth. You can even see the veins in the arms and shoulders! The paint applications on this figure are great as well. Wolverine’s skin has different tones and features a gloss like shimmer, which really gives off the feel that he is sweating and in the heat of battle. His trunks have different colour washes over them, making him look dirty, gritty and more militant. His militant look is really enhanced by his combat boots which too feature some grit and grime. They also give him some hairy arms and some manly chest hair! Wolverine is not a metrosexual!

In terms of articulation this figure features about twenty points of articulation. He has a ball joint head which allows for interchangeable heads to be placed on the figure. The shoulder are ball jointed as well. I really wish they reduced the size of the ball joints though, as they kind of force the chest to look too narrow rendering the outside of Wolverine’s pectorals looking unnatural. It is almost as though The Wolverine is using the incorrect bench-pressing technique or something. He has swivel biceps, single joint elbows, swivel-hinge wrists which allow the wrists to turn and move up and down. Like Avengers Hulk, he has a ball jointed mid-torso, allowing for great side to side movement, limiting up and down movement. He has H-shaped hips, like the one’s featured on the DC Universe figures. So you can create those epic poses and pounces. The figure also has swivel thighs, double jointed knees which are great for action poses, swivel shins and swivel hinge ankles that move up and down and rock left to right.

Accessories are always great. Unfortunately, this figure does not come with the traditional display base. Instead it comes with so much more! You are given three interchangeable heads, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands and a Katana! The faces show his level of anger going from peeved, to angry to insane rage! His insane rage face looks rather silly. His eyes are just too big and the pupils make him look as though he is an anime adaptation. Also if you look closely and give his chin a rub you will feel the stubble on his face. So in actual fact, the figure has a full beard but is painted to look like lamb chop sideburns, minor gripe I know. You get a pair of clenched fists, a pair of bone claw hands and a pair of adamantium claw hands. Once again, I know I am being petty but I do not understand why the middle adamantium claw is longer that the rest when it comes to that pair of hands? Are his claws not equal in length? The katana is great and complements the figure well. It features a lovely detailed golden pattern to boot. So this figure is definitely one that is meant to be outside of its packaging.

Speaking of packaging, this figure features the traditional library style packaging which has the awesome black and white movie poster design on the side. The packaging allows each accessory to be clearly visible so if you are a collector you can enjoy looking at the figures extras without having to open the box. The back of the packaging gives you a brief rundown of the movie’s plot as well.

This figure is a must have for Wolverine fans. It is the most movie accurate figure that has been released thus far. The sculpt really resembles the Hollywood adaptation of a character that many have come to know and love.

A huge thanks goes to Project Mayhem for supplying me with this action figure. Visit Project Mayhem // Collectibles & Action Figures on Facebook or for great pricing on Marvel Select figures and yes, they ship nationwide!

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