Aliens: NECA Helmeted Corporal Hicks vs Battle Damaged Xenomorph Warrior Figurine Review


Designed by: NECA
Designed by: NECA

Taking a little trip away from the world of the superheroes, the figure review for today is a 2-pack figurine set that features some great value at a low cost, especially if you are a fan of the Aliens franchise. Simply put, the Aliens: NECA Helmeted Corporal Hicks vs Battle Damaged Xenomorph Warrior figurines are stunning.

Let’s start with the Xenomorph. Ironically, this alien is mind blowing, literally and figuratively. The amount of detail put into this sculpt is simply astounding. It is one towering figure that really makes you feel the threat that this creature poses. However, this alien has come off second best in the battle against Hicks, the Xenomorph has an acid filled splitting headache which has been sculpted perfectly. You can see its tongue flailing amongst the acid blood as the top of its head is blasted off. The top of its head is also sculpted accurately in order to show the extent of the damage Hicks has caused. It is worth noting that this makes for a rather delicate piece, so you may not want to fiddle with it. The blue shades used in the paint applications on the Xenomorph really make it seem more alien and as though it is a creature of the shadows. It also creates a strong contrast between its body and the blood. The alien also has another spot of blood where it would seem that a round has penetrated its exoskeleton. The tail on this alien is also fully versatile thanks to a wire insertion, allowing the sculpt to perform various poses that involve its menacing tail.

Hicks sculpt it even more amazing. No detail has been left out, every armour decal is present on this one and the sculpt resembles the character well enough to be passible. However, depending how you look at it, his eyebrows may not be striking the exact message he may have wanted to get across, but that is a minor problem. Many people will be wondering if the helmet is removable, unfortunately it is not, but a beautifully detailed helmet like this should not have to be as it reduces the risk of damage. The body armour on this one is made of a soft rubber that oozes that new toy smell. The accuracy in the body armour on this action figure is jaw dropping. It is filled with straps, weaponry and tech. Most of which are present as accessories in the 2-pack. Everything with Corporal Hicks looks spot on from his size and his boot design to his tattoo and hairy arms. I also like the fact that the hair on his arm has been moulded into the forearms of the sculpt; preventing hair loss due to cheap paint applications. But the paint applications on this figure are far from being cheap as NECA has not held back on this figurine.

Both figures feature over 30 points of articulation. The Xenomorph has a ball joint head that is somewhat limited due to the sculpt, pin socket shoulders (although they look like ball joints they do not move as easily), upper bicep swivel, double jointed elbows that are able to swivel, swivel hinged wrists, torso ball joint, pin socket legs, swivel at the top of the thigh, double jointed knees, ball joint ankles, pivot toes and the wire tail. Hicks is also boasting a wide range of articulation: Ball jointed head, pin socket shoulders, upper bicep swivel, double jointed elbows (that are able to swivel), swivel hinged wrists, mid torso ball joint (that is difficult to move due to the gear) and detail on the sculpt, pin socket legs, swivel at the top of the thigh, double jointed knees, ball joint ankles, pivot toes.

While the alien comes with no accessories (although a non-battle damaged head would have been nice), Hicks comes with various weapons such as a pulse rifle, shotgun, motion detector, shoulder lamp and a welding torch. These items can be attached to him as well through the use of the designs many straps and the plug. It also looks like the armour can be removed at your own risk, but if you do remove it, I am thinking that he would end up wearing a sleeveless camo onesy.

The figures are packaged in one rather secure clamshell. It was no easy feat cracking into these figurines! The back of the packaging has a film synopsis and an epic standoff picture. Whilst the side of the packaging features an acid drenches gallery of posed figurines. Some Background art has also been included for your own re-enactment pleasure.

I think that this set is a must have for fans of this franchise. Critters and Comics have priced this two figure set at R490, which is a steal considering that these figures sell for around R300 on their own. This is truly value for money and it will make one heck of an addition to your collection. Although Hicks could have looked better, he still looks good and the amount of detail put into both figures is enough to cover any gripe!

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