Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps Volume 1

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi, James Robinson, J.T. Krul
Pencillers: Ardian Syaf, Eddy Barrows, Allan Goldman, Ed Benes
Inkers: Vincent Cifuentes, John Dell, Ruy José, Julio Ferreira, Eber Ferreira, Rob Hunter, Jon Sibal, JP Mayer, Scott Mayer, Ed Benes
Colourists: Nei Ruffino, Rod Reis, Hi-Fi Design
Letterers: John J. Hill, Steve Wands, Rob Clarke Jr.

Story: Batman, Superman and the Teen Titans do battle against the undead. Each has to face-off against the Black Lantern Corps, deceased loved ones and enemies who make up a macabre squad of villains created by Nekron and the black rings. These Black Lanterns are intent on feeding off the emotions of all life in the universe and nobody seems to be able to stop them.

This tie-in novel is made of three mini-series’, each story is devoted to Superman, Batman and the Titans respectively and each tale is divided into three parts. In story one, Dick Grayson is tested as the new, caped crusader when his parents come back from the dead and haunt him. Superman has to deal with Kal-L from Earth 2 coming back to life to destroy him and Smallville altogether, while the Titans do battle against their fallen comrades at Titan Towers.

The stories for all three are very dark especially the Batman and Titans episodes. The idea of emotion as a theme is heavy in all the stories and becomes a bit wearisome but the focus on the psychological impact that death and loss has on the characters is well explored in the saga and helps to keep the plot intact. The action is intense and the artwork is consistent across the varying stories. Superman’s artwork takes the ‘cake’ for its superb battle frames. The colour work is top-notch as well. The spectrum effect used to show various emotions is a wonderful device. This book might not be for everyone but it’s unique and has an emotional depth to it despite the dark storyline.

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