Mos Eisley

Self-confessed Star Wars fans, Jason Lewis and 16 of his colleagues from Obsidian Entertainment have re-created the spaceport from Mos Eisley in great detail using Unreal Engine 4.

Mos Eisley
The Mos Eisley project came to life because Lewis loves Star Wars and wanted to learn Unreal Engine 4, so why not combine the two. The original idea was to just re-create the Millennium Falcon, but the Lewis soon found that he just kept on recreating every detail of the Spaceport. Soon Lewis found himself recruiting his colleagues to help him complete what became a bit of an obsession, he quickly found that he had 16 of his colleagues working alongside him. The plan is to release the completed project to the public free of charge, stating that it would probably be akin to a “walking simulator”. The team plans to make the final project VR compatible.

Below is a video showcasing the Cantina from Mos Eisley and the Millennium Falcon recreated by the team. The rest of the videos can be viewed on Jason Lewis’ YouTube channel.

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