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N.O.V.A., short for Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, is an action-adventure game video game originally developed for the iPhone and iPod, and other apple products in 2009. Gameloft, the game developers, later released versions for Android, WebOS and a few other Mobile Operating Systems.

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N.O.V.A. 2: The Hero Rises Again, the first sequel to the franchise, was released a year after the original, with massive improvements in terms of gameplay and graphics. The sequel also included support for gyroscope and a multiplayer mode, which connected up to 10 online players at any given time.

The 3rd version of this first-person shooter video game will be released sometime during the month of May; firstly for iPad, iPhone and Android users, and then trickling out to other markets later this year. Importantly, the latest sequel will also offer support for Apple’s new iPad and its “super high-resolution Retina display.”

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The sequel follows the hero, Kal Wardin, in a fight against extra-terrestrial invaders. Online talk also suggests that Kal Wardin will be traveling to San Francisco, now deserted, and includes a few visists to other alien planets. In the multiplayer mode the user will now enjoy controlling vehicles, mechs, jetpacks, amongst others.

Official Trailer:

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