The Nokia 3310 Lives Again - Yes, You Can Play Snake Too

For those who can recall the glory days of Nokia, the company sold 126 million units for the original Nokia 3310. New owners, HMD, has relaunched the most famous phone with a reboot fit for the modern day feature phone.

The Nokia 3310 Lives Again - Yes, You Can Play Snake Too

First introduced in 2000, at a time when Nokia and Motorola dominated the mobile world, the phone enjoyed a battery life of days, if not weeks, although there wasn’t much else to do but make a call, send an SMS, and play Snake. The 3310 makes a return to the modern era with a more vibrant look and feel, but sporting many of the same characteristics that made it a success.

The unit will run on Nokia’s Series 30+ OS, and features a 2.4″ QVGA display and 2MP camera, and SD card slot. The specs aren’t going to set the world alight, but given the nostalgia of the unit, it holds a place in many an owners heart. The 3310 will feature a thinner and lighter body, and available in a variation of colours including red, matte grey, dark blue and yellow, amongst others. Even with all the changes, it remains unmistakably the 3310.

The Nokia 3310 Lives Again - Yes, You Can Play Snake Too

HMD hopes to cash in on the fond memores of the past, as well as the incredible battery life, with a one month standby time, and talk time of 22 hours. All of that, and it still has the added marketing benefit of one of the most famous mobile games, Snake.

HMD is said to make the Nokia 3310 available in Q2, possibly even as soon as April, at just over $50.

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