It is strange how gamers can notice the smallest details and hints concerning new IP’s and releases, from the minutest detail in a teaser trailer to something a developer or studio might let slip during interviews.

Well, it seems that there might be something gamers have missed at this year’s GDC. It was revealed by Bioware’s Senior Director of Creative Development, Alistair McNally, on Twitter that he wore a T-shirt with the name of the studio’s new IP on it while walking around at GDC 2016 and no one seemed to notice.

As can be expected, gamers have been scanning and searching for any images that might show McNally in this T-shirt and so far no one has been successful.

A new game was announced in 2014 and is being worked on by the Edmonton Studio while the Montreal Studio is working on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The last new IP the studio announced was Shadow Realms that was canceled last year.

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