No Mario's Sky

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later and as expected No Mario’s Sky Has been re-named due to a copyright claim from Nintendo.

No Mario's Sky
No Mario’s Sky was a game that took elements from everybody’s favorite platformer and combined it with No Man’s Sky. This meant that Mario could now explore different planets each with diverse and unique species of Goombas.  Developer ASMB Games said that they had received a copyright claim from Nintendo.

“No Mario’s Sky is no more-io! Due to a copyright claim by Nintendo we’ve had to take the game down”

Now the game as been cheekily renamed DMCA’s Sky and features Spaceman Finn on a quest to find Princess Mango who is lost in a vast procedurally generated universe. Spaceman Finn needs to be aware though as each planet now has their own unique species of Moombas living on them.

DMCA’s Sky is free and available for download here right now. Below is some gameplay footage of DMCA’s Sky in action.

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