No Man's Sky Update

Hello Games has revealed that their new major update for No Man’s Sky will include a whole slew of new features.

No Man's Sky Update
The new No Man’s Sky update, called the Foundation Update, will add among other things, base building, the ability to purchase interstellar freighters, farming, new resources and technology as well as an updated user interface.
The update will also include three new game modes. These modes are Normal mode, the original No Man’s Sky experience, Creative mode, which allows players freedom without restrictions, and Survival mode which changes the game into a challenging survival experience.
Hello games list all the new features that the update brings in a post on their developer site.

It’s good to see that Hello Games is keeping their word regarding bringing new features to No Man’s Sky, although some might feel that this is too little too late.

Below is the trailer for the new update that showcases some of the new features.


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