Hello Games No Man Sky

Although No Man’s Sky fever has died down considerably since its launch, developer Hello Games have promised that the game will be receiving loads of new updates.

Hello Games No Man Sky
In a blog post, Hello Games discusses the new updates, mentioning that they would and have been listening to feedback from the public. This could in part be due to people’s request for refunds, although Hello Games did not indicate this specifically. There has also been loads of backlash, with some claiming that the game feels incomplete, full of bugs, and mundane at times. The studio has committed themselves to focusing and resolving the current issues, after which they will start rolling out free new updates. There is no specific mention of the features that these updates could add, but base building and the ability to fly freighter ships has been rumored to be part of this. The team promised that the future free updates will only help expand and build on the universe and that this will be just  the beginning. How much these updates will change remains to be seen, but I truly hope that they can achieve what they are promising.

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