Nintendo Labo Want's You To Get Creative With Cardboard

Nintendo is well-known for their bizarre console accessories. However, the latest Switch accessory, Nintendo Labo, proves that sometimes you need to think less outside the box and more about the actual box.

Nintendo Labo Want's You To Get Creative With Cardboard

Remeber building imaginary castles, weapons and all kinds of objects out of cardboard back when you were still a little kid? It seems Nintendo’s latest Switch accessories are trying to bring back (and obviously cash in on) the love and fascination we all had with everything cardboard related.

While details of how the actual accessories will function are scarce, judging by the cardboard filled debut trailer, it’s safe to assume that the Nintendo Labo will incorporate various DIY cardboard objects that will form part of various mini-games. Some of these minigames include fishing, playing piano and racing, with each incorporating their own bizarre looking cardboard accessories.

So, basically, you will be purchasing a game and actual cardboard with which to create your own gaming accessories (a cardboard box within a box?). Nintendo has dubbed these accessories Toy-Cons and has also revealed that these Toy-Cons will come in two bundles (each sold separately), the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. According to their website, each of these cardboard creations will be paintable and customizable in various ways.

Nintendo Labo Want's You To Get Creative With Cardboard

Now, while the above description mentions some of the activities and accessories (Joy-Cons) that will come with the Variety Pack, it’s the awesome looking Robot Kit that has me most excited. The Robot Kit allows you to build your very own wearable cardboard robot suit. By inserting the left and right Joy-Cons into the specially designed slots on the backpack and donning the suit’s visor, you will be able to control the accompanying game’s robot avatar. To be honest, I wasn’t sold on these new accessories until I saw the Robot suit. I mean who wouldn’t want to dress up as a giant mech?

Bonus points for Nintendo for once again cooking up a truly bizarre and fascinating accessory. The Nintendo Labo is sure to sell loads just based on people’s inherent curiosity. Whether the games will be any good though we’ll just have to wait and see.

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