The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed a lot more about the Nintendo Switch console during a live stream event today. It would seem that gaming giant is giving gamers everything they would’ve hoped for. We’ve put together a list of all the announcements made during the live stream to get you excited.

Show me the money.

Nintendo announced that the Switch will release globally on the 3rd of March 2017 and will set you back $299.99. This means that the Switch will cost about the same as a PlayStation 4 which currently starts at around $299.00 and the Xbox One which starts at around $249.00.

Along with the price announcement, Nintendo also revealed that the Switch will make use of a paid online system. However, users will be able to access the system free up until Fall 2017 after which they would need to pay for the service. Not much has been revealed about how the service will function, all we know is that it would be similar to Nintendo’s rival platforms’ services PlayStaion Plus and Xbox Live.

It would also seem that region locking is a thing of the past. Nintendo revealed that the console would not be region locked. This will allow gamers to play Nintendo Switch games from any region, which is good news for those who import their games from these different regions.

Regarding the hardware, Nintendo did reveal that when undocked the console’s battery should last for about 2.5 to 6.5 hours. This seems like quite a wide range and our guess is that this will depend on the graphic intensity of the game being played. The Switch will also use a USB-C port for charging.

Take control.

We’ve all been intrigued by the new Joy-Con controllers the Nintendo Switch uses and during the live stream Nintendo revealed a bit more about these weird controllers. The Joy-Con controllers will be available in Grey, Blue, and Red colors. Each of the controllers has an accelerometer and gyroscope built for Wii-like motion controls. One of the more intriguing features is the new advanced haptic feedback the controller has which Nintendo has dubbed “HD Rumble”. According to Nintendo, it is so precise that it can simulate the feeling and sensation of water being poured. Lastly, the controller uses an IR camera to determine the shapes and distances of objects.

As can be expected from Nintendo it seems that they have once again developed a unique and interesting control system for their console, one that we would love to try out.

Games, game and more games.

It was important that Nintendo showed gamers that their new console will not only be getting some really great first-party games but that third-party developers would also hop aboard the Switch train. We are glad to report that this seems to be the case as Nintendo not only revealed quite a few first-party games but third-party as well. Below are some of the titles announced.


ARMS is a weird and delightfully wacky motion-controlled boxing game that sees two players duking it out in an arena. Players spar with their opponents using the characters long spring-like arms, which are controlled using the Joy-Con’s motion controls. The game has local competitive multiplayer for split-screen fun.

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Splatoon 2

Splatoon was a surprise hit on the Wii U as many gamers found themselves enjoying the game’s fast-paced and colorful action. Now, Splatoon 2 is heading to the Switch. The game sees teams of squid kids going head to head as they attempt to cover an arena in more paint than their opponents. The concept might sound simple, but it is loads and loads of fun.Splatoon 2 will be adding, even more, weapons and costumes along with new arenas.


1-2-Switch is sort of like a spiritual successor to Wii-Sports as it will come bundled with Joy-Con controllers. The mini-games will make use the various sensors in the controllers such as the motion sensors and IR camera. It seems like 1-2-Switch would be a fun party game and a nice way of gaming with your friends.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is back in Super Mario Odyssey. The game seems to be a successor to the very popular Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy games. Players will be exploring various sandbox worlds as they run, hop and jump their way through them evading danger. Oh, and Mario’s hat now has eyes.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 originally launched on the Wii U, and now Nintendo has announced that an updated version called Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would be heading to the Switch. The updated version will be adding new maps, characters, and modes and will include all of the DLC for Mario Kart 8. The game offers up to eight-player local wireless multiplayer which has got us really excited.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Although there have been loads of announcements made regarding Nintendo’s latest Zelda game one piece of information was yet to be revealed, when will it release? Now, Nintendo has finally revealed the games release date. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be releasing on the 3rd of March 2017. Breath of the Wild lets players freely explore a huge sandbox world ripe for adventuring, and we can’t wait.

Third-party titles

Nintendo revealed that quite a number of third-party titles would be heading to the console. Below is a list of some of the third-party titles that Nintendo mentioned.

No More Heroes
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Binding of Isaac
Just Dance
Rayman Legends
New Shin Megami Tensei game
New unnamed Square Enix RPG
Dragon Heroes 1 and 2

It is great to see Nintendo finally understanding what gamers want from a Nintendo console. The slew of new and interesting games along with an innovative new console makes us quite excited to see what the future holds. Below is the full Nintendo Switch live stream for your viewing pleasure.

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