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Nintendo has been very secretive when it comes to their new console the Nintendo NX and have not released any information on it as yet.

Now new details have leaked about Nintendo’s soon to be released NX console, and according to it, the console might be a high-powered handheld capable of plugging into a TV via a docking station. According to Eurogamer, the console will allow players to take their games with them on the go. It also seems that the controls for the NX will be attached on either side and of the handheld and will be able to detach in order to play local multiplayer. According to the leaked information, the central processing unit will be inside of the handheld and will have a docking station that will enable it to connect an external display.
Eurogamer also reports that the rumors of Nintendo returning to cartridge-based games are true and that the console will be powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 mobile processors.

It seems that Nintendo might once again be trying to innovate at the expense of graphical fidelity and processing power. If the information is proven to be accurate Nintendo might struggle to win over Xbox and PlayStation fans with the NX.



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