Watch Nike's 'Pro Hijab' Ad - Great Marketing, Brilliant Timing

A few weeks back Nike released the their “What Will They Say About You?” ad, which features a group of young women for the Middle Eastern region. The video not only highlighted the ‘Pro-Hijab’ movement but also sent a strong message to celebrate diversity amongst women.

Many countries are battling the sad influences of Islamaphobia, including the US and many European countries. Hence, the timing of the campaign and release of the ad couldn’t be more perfect, showing Nike’s stance on the matter in doing so. The ad also showcases some of Nike’s headwear and headgear for Muslim women, some of whom require comfortable and religious head covering. The campaign not only highlights the need for advancements for sporting gear for women but also reaches a more global audience: 1.6 billion Muslims.

Watch Nike's 'Pro Hijab' Ad - Great Marketing, Brilliant Timing

The campaign and advert aren’t overly political, but provide a breath of fresh air amongst all the angst and unrest in modern society and politics on the issue.

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