Nike recently premiered its own eight-episode fitness-centric original series, Margot vs. Lily. And it’s not that bad!

Nike has teamed up with Jesse Andrews, the screenwriter behind Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and Tricia Brock, director of Girls and The Walking Dead.

Two interracial adopted sisters return home for the holidays on tense terms. 24-year-old Margot has just been fired from her job, while 22-year-old Lily’s YouTube channel “LilyNinja” is more successful than ever. Lily prioritizes fitness over friends, while Margot has a robust social circle and little interest in sport. On New Year’s Eve, tensions boil over and the sisters make a bet. Of course, throughout the series, various characters are seen wearing official Nike swag.

“Better For It and the original series ‘Margot vs Lily – A Better For It Production’ is a celebration of athletes. It’s about personal growth and pushing yourself to be your best,” explains Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Global Brand Marketing for NikeWomen and Women’s Training. “This message embodies a relatable range of human experiences and emotion – from self-confidence to self-doubt – that women encounter with sport and fitness. Being ‘Better For It’ doesn’t mean accomplishing an unbelievable feat; it means being bold enough to take on a personal challenge, like the characters Margot and Lily do.”

So go on, give it a watch. It’s actually pretty good.

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