Nike Partners With Nintendo For Splatoon 2 Collaboration

Following the earlier announcement of the Puma and Sega partnership, Nike also made their Nintendo partnership official with their Splatoon 2 collaboration. The team announced the latest pack, which features to Nike silhouettes for the game, which launched on 21 July 2017, as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title.

Anyone familiar with Splatoon 2 will also be familiar with the Nike lookalike sneakers from the game as you can tell from the below.

Nike Partners With Nintendo For Splatoon 2 Collaboration

It is, however, important to note that the sneakers are a Japan-only exclusive, as you may have guessed from the text in the tweet above. The text translates to (via Twitter translation):

“The festival was announced. The theme is “which do you want? Latest Models vs. Popular models. We will send it to you by Nike’s cooperation. The latest model that no one has yet, and the popular model loved by everyone, which would you like to get? The period is March 24 (Sat.) 15:00-March 25 (Sun) 15:00.”

The sneakers in question here are the (recently released) Nike Air Max 270 and the Nike Air Max 97 silhouettes. The question remains whether the changes will be made for the game to feature the newly announced sneakers, which would go a long way to add to the marketing for both.

Nike Partners With Nintendo For Splatoon 2 Collaboration

If, however, these aren’t to your liking, or you reside elsewhere in the world, you may be interested in the custom-designed Nintendo-themed, Nike Air Jordans. These shoes feature quite a lot of the early Nintendo Entertainment System features, including the Super Mario Bros. imagery on the tongue, the classic controller layout on the heel, as well as an Air Jordan cartridge as a tag. Unfortunately, these are limited edition sneakers designed by Jonny Barry of Freaker Sneaks online store and will set you back a cool $1,250 – if you have some spare change lying around.

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Nike Partners With Nintendo For Splatoon 2 Collaboration

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