New Wolfenstein 2 Trailer Confirms That Nazi Don't Like Chocolate

New Wolfenstein 2 Trailer Confirms That Nazis Don’t Like Chocolate

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While a previous Wolfenstein 2 trailer confirmed what we all suspected, that Nazi’s love strawberry milkshake, a newly released trailer verifies that they hate chocolate. So much so, that it will turn brother against brother.

New Wolfenstein 2 Trailer Confirms That Nazi Don't Like Chocolate

The latest Wolfenstein 2 trailer released by Bethesda Softworks is another cinematic video. This time, however, it shows the dangers of eating chocolate in a world where Nazi’s are watching your every move.

The black and white trailer features a kid named Ronnie who gets caught eating his second chocolate bar for the week (gasp) by his older brother. After explaining the dangers of chocolate and sweets in general to him, Ronnie’s older brother laughingly states that he will now have to report poor Ronnie (insert laugh track here).

Much like the previous trailers for the game, this serves as a way for the developers to expand on the lore of the Wolfenstein universe and not just as a way to promote the game. All I know is that I can’t wait to blast some chocolate hating Nazi’s when the game releases in October 2017.

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