Amy Hennig

Speaking at the past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration, Amy Hennig gave us a little more information regarding the Star Wars game she is currently working on with Visceral Games.

Amy Hennig Star Wars Game

Amy Hennig revealed that she and her team were writing an original Star Wars story with new characters, technology, creatures, and locations. As a result of this, Visceral and LucasArts have been working closely together and have had regular meetings to discuss the story. She also mentioned that artist Doug Chiang, The Force Awaken’s concept artist, was the game’s art director.

Amy explained that the close relationship between Visceral and LucasArts was necessary as the game would be the first to add new content to the Star Wars Universe.

“All of it has to sit authentically alongside what people know now.”

It seems Amy has also taken inspiration from the way that she approached the story in the Uncharted series and was using the same process in approaching the story in the new Star Wars game.

“The process I’ve been using is very similar to what I did with Uncharted, which was: if you are trying to recreate a familiar classic, in that case, old action-adventure experiences, you need to deconstruct the films in order to reconstruct them in an interactive context as gameplay”.

The fact that Amy and the team at Visceral are honoring and staying faithful to the source material, but also adding new content to the Star Wars Universe has got us all excited. Who wouldn’t want a Star Wars game inspired by the Uncharted series?

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