The New PS4 System Update Beta Is Here And These Are Some Of The Features

With the beta period for Sony latest PlayStation 4 software update (update 5.5) starting, gamers have been given a better idea of what the new update will bring. The update seems to add quite a few new features aimed at improving user/gaming experience. Here are a few of the shiny new features coming to your PlayStation 4.

The New PS4 System Update Beta Is Here And These Are Some Of The Features

Play Time Management

For all those parents out there who are worried about how much time their child (or spouses) are spending on their PlayStation 4, Sony’s new software update will introduce Play Time Management. This feature allows a parent to set how long their child is allowed to play on their console and will even allow them to restrict play during certain times of the day. This is a feature which my wife has expressed her happiness about and one that my children have been dreading. The feature will be accessible through the PlayStation app or PC browser as well, putting the power back in the hands of the adults.

Quick Menu Update

The new software update will allow users to quickly access specific friends in their custom lists via a pulldown menu under the Friends tab in the quick menu. Users will also be able to see which of their friends are currently online.

When listening to their favourite Michael Bolton tunes using Spotify or PlayStation Music, users will be able to access the volume control using the square button with the triangle button serving as a way to play/pause those sultry tunes.

Custom Wallpapers

A feature many have wanted to be included for quite some time is the ability to create custom wallpapers for their PlayStation 4. Finally, Sony will allow users to import custom wallpapers directly from a USB, meaning you can finally have that radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles background on your dashboard. Even more impressive is that you will be able to crop these wallpapers to perfectly fit.

Supersampling Mode on the PlayStation 4 Pro

Tired of just old regular sampling? With the new update, PlayStation 4 Pro users will have access to a SUPERSAMPLING MODE (cue booming voice). This means that PlayStation 4 Pro users will be able to boost the resolution of their games even if they are not using a 4K TV. When this mode is activated, PlayStation 4 Pro games will render at their higher resolutions which the system will then downscale to match the current TV they are using. In short, this feature adds more value to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Hiding games/demos

Neat freaks rejoice! The new PlayStation 4 update will also allow you to clear up your cluttered gaming library. The hide feature will enable users to hide unwanted games and demos, leaving you with a neatly organised and more streamlined gaming library. Even more impressive is that the sidebar on the library page will group games you’ve received via PlayStation Plus free games and games you’ve purchased into two separate categories.

These are just some of the new features heading to your PlayStation 4 when the new system update 5.50 releases (no release date has been revealed yet).

I know many out there have been waiting for ages for Sony to allow users to change PSN ID’s. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t form part of the update. I guess you’ll have to remain NoobKiller69 for a little longer. Hopefully, Sony hears the desperate pleas and adds this in the next update.

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