New Pokemon Mobile Game Released For The US And Europe

The Pokemon Company has surprised US and European Pokemon fans by releasing a new Pokemon mobile Pokemon game called Pokemon Duel.

New Pokemon Mobile Game Pokemon Duel Released For The US And Europe

Pokemon Duel is a turn-based strategy board game that sees players building a deck of Pokemon figures as they have to try and reach their opponents side of the arena. When opposing figures clash it results in a mini dueling game. Players can unlock chests that contain new Pokemon figures for their deck using in-game currency. Some figures will be significantly rarer than other meaning that they could also be more expensive to obtain.

The game was initially released as Pokemon Comaster in Japan, and fans never expected that it would be released in the US or Europe.

Mixing the Pokemon game mechanics we all know and love with those of a board game is an interesting concept. We are quite eager to try out the game. So will you be giving Pokemon Duel a go?

The game is the second Pokemon game released for mobile devices with the first being Pokemon Go. It is available on the US and European Google Play Store ad App Stores.

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