Overwatch’s new hero Ana  combines the deadly accuracy of Widowmaker and the healing abilities of Mercy into one great support package.


Blizzard announced today that Ana, who is Pharah’s mother, would be joining the cast of heroes in Overwatch. She is what you would call a long range healer, and is equipped with a Biotic rifle that uses the same technology as Mercy’s staff. This gives her the ability to not only kill targets from a distance but also to heal allies (by shooting them) while staying safely out of range of the enemies. She also seems to be equipped with a sleep dart as well as an ability called Nano Boost that buffs a specific allies speed, attack, and defense. I already have got some ideas of how she could be used to benefit my team of heroes in battle, and can’t wait to try her out.

Blizzard has not yet indicated when we can expect Ana to join the fight but have only said that she is coming soon.

Below is a gameplay trailer featuring Ana as well as her origin story.

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