Publisher Nexon has announced Titanfall: Frontline, a free strategy card game with versus multiplayer for iOS and Android.

Titanfall: Frontline is at its core a mobile deckbuilding game, as players will be able to customize their decks with hundreds of pilots, Titans, and Special abilities. Players will be able to mix and match their decks and customize it to their play style, be it fast-paced damage based or more defensive. Players will be able to “drop” their Titans onto the field of play during their turn, and even take down Titans with a mix of parkour and abilities.

Developer Particle City has said that they have been working closely with the Titanfall 2 team at Respawn Entertainment in order to create a card game with all the iconic elements that make Titanfall so unique.

From the available images, the game certainly looks quite similar to another very popular gaming based franchise  mobile card game (one with Orcs and Humans). Hopefully, Titanfall: Frontline plays just as well as I am always up for playing another good mobile deckbuilding card game.

Titanfall 2 is set to launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in October.

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