Leisure Suit Larry

Let’s be honest, nobody really wanted this and when information leaked that a new Leisure Suit Larry game, titled Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, was releasing soon, the news was met with equal parts disgust and curiosity (but mostly disgust). Well, it is absolutely true. Larry is back.

Earlier this week, a screenshot from a steam page for Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry seemed to indicate that Larry was back. While many cringed at the news, Larry’s return was never confirmed, until now. A new trailer released by developer CrazyBunch has confirmed that Larry will once again be gracing our PC’s.

It's true. A New Leisure Suit Larry Game Is Coming Out

According to the developer, the game will feature a host of 21st-century updates, including apps called Timber and Instacrap. The game will have 30 hand-drawn levels and what has been coined as an “innovative dating mechanism”, which has us once again equally intrigued and worried.

The game is available for pre-order on Steam for $25, with the price set to increase to $30 in late October. No official release date has been revealed, although it seems likely to be in Q4 of this year.

Larry’s recent outings haven’t gained much love from gamers and critics. Could Wet Dreams Don’t Dry be the game that turns the Leisure Suit Larry franchise around?

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