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LEGO Announces The New LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets

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LEGO has revealed three of the new LEGO Batman  movie LEGO sets, with one set featuring buzzsaw armed penguins, and I must have them all.

Lego Batman
I‘ve always been a huge fan of LEGO and an even bigger fan of LEGO Batman. Not only are the new LEGO Batman sets amazing to look at and choc full of detail they even incorporate elements from the Tim Burton’s Batman films, such as Penguins giant rubber duckie boat.

The first set is basically the Batcave and includes Bruce Wayne, Alfred, a few different Batsuits, the Penguin and more importantly an army of robotic penguins with buzzsaws. The set also includes Penguin’s above-mentioned giant rubber duckie boat, although this version is a heavily armed.

Lego Batman

The next set is a smaller one featuring Batman, what seems to be a security guard and Mr. Freeze with a giant mech suit, because everyone needs a giant mech suit every now and then.

Lego Batman

The third set is the biggest, an Arkham Asylum set featuring a detailed facade of the infamous institution. In the minifigure department, the set not only includes a bunch of GCPD officers and Arkham Asylum staff but also a whole bunch of villains clad in orange Arkham Asylum jumpsuits.

Lego Batman

No price details have been confirmed for the sets, but judging by the number of minifigures and bricks it’s safe to say that the Arkham Asylum set would probably be the most expensive.

The LEGO Batman movie releases in February 2017.

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