New Hitman Announcment Teased

Agent 47 is back. IO Interactive has teased that a new Hitman announcement is incoming as we head into the final stretch before E3 2018.

A Tweet on the official Hitman account hints that a new game announcement is imminent.

The Tweet features a blurry image with a bar of text “Target Incoming”. The font used for the text is the same one used for the Hitman logo and, if that wasn’t enough of a hint, fans of the franchise will also notice that the red bar with white text is a staple of the series.

The Tweet also reads “Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is…” this all but confirms that something Hitman related will be announced. 

The Warner Bros. Games Twitter account also revealed that a very special announcement is coming on the 7th of June, which many fans have deduced could be related to the announcement. A Hitman 2 logo was also discovered on the WB Games servers by fans, further adding fuel to the rumour. IO Interactive and Warner Bros. announced their partnership in April, releasing the Hitman: Definitive Edition, which consisted of all the content released.

With the latest game in the franchise receiving quite a bit of praise, it’s no wonder that IO Interactive, after being sold off by Square Enix, is returning to the much-loved franchise.

Are you excited for Agent 47’s return? What would you like to see in the next Hitman game?

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