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Last year Mundfish announced their upcoming first-person game called Atomic Heart, which is set in Russia during the height of the Soviet Union. Not much has been revealed about the game up until now.

The new beautiful but freakish trailer for Atomic Heart not only features what looks like your obligatory mutant zombies and robots, among other weird and wonderful things, but also some truly intriguing environments. From what is shown, it seems we can expect some weapon crafting, such as a sledgehammer intertwined with barbwire and loads of visceral ranged and melee combat.

New Game Atomic Heart Looks Like A Russian BioShock

While combat will play an important role in the game, players will be free to approach each scenario as they deem fit. It seems likely that close range combat will lean more to the arcadey side as players will be able to dodge and counter incoming attacks with some brutal results. Judging from the trailer, players will also be doing their fair share of running away from hordes of enemies when the odds are stacked against them. Hey, when a horde of scary looking half-zombie half-machine creatures storm you, what else are you supposed to do?

While the trailer doesn’t seem to reveal much about the game’s story it has us intrigued. I also have to mention that the trailer also reveals some truly terrifying clown-themed mutants which will probably haunt my dreams for the rest of the week.

Atomic Heart is set for release later this year on XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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