For centuries, human language has evolved to become more complex, adding more emphasis and in-depth meaning to words and sentences. But, as fate would have it, we’re slowly moving backwards to a more pictorial approach, much like the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. But that’s not going to stop anyone from enjoying the new set of emojis set for release this December.

Back in June, the Unicode Consortium released Unicode 9.0, which included a set of 72 new emojis. Yes, you read correctly, 72. And it also includes the long overdue, face-palm. Microsoft updated its support of the new unicode characters with their Anniversary Update in August, with Android quickly following suit with the release of Android 7.0 Nougat. Apple announced that it would be supporting the new set of emojis with the release of iOS 10.2, which is currently in developer review, and will be publicly available in December.


In addition to this, Google will be updating the current set of emojis with a refreshed look, which will be available in Android 7.1 and Google Hangouts, which will then filter down to Android 6 Marshmallow.

There’s no word yet on when WhatsApp will be integrating the new emojis in their app by means of an update. The team have released an emoji update since the June launch of the 72, but those were more in terms of cosmetic changes than additions to the list, with quite a few angry users complaining about the new look.

You can view the complete list and details at emojipedia.

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