The New Days Gone Gameplay Trailer Brutal

Sony Bend released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming zombie (freaker) killing action game, Days Gone.

The New Days Gone Gameplay Trailer Brutal

The Days Gone gameplay trailer features some more brutal combat, scary freakers and loads of snow.

During the gameplay demo, we get to see an alternate playthrough of the same mission we saw at E3 2017. Instead of being caught in an ambush and eventually leading a horde of freakers to descend on an enemy camp, this time protagonist Deacon St. John avoids the ambush and stealthily takes out the enemy encampment without the use of any freaker hordes. There are quite a few factors that can change how a mission unfolds, these include weather conditions, time of day and even randomly roaming freakers.

There is no set release date for the game yet but many suspect that it could possibly be releasing next year.

Are you ready to take out some freakers?

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