The Human Race Is No More In The New Code Vein Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for their upcoming Dark Souls-inspired vampire action game, Code Vein, which also reveals the game’s release date.

The new Code Vein trailer confirms that the game will be released in September this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Human Race Is No More In The New Code Vein Trailer

Set in a world where the human race is no more, the game sees you taking on the role of one of the game’s vampires called a Revenant. Players will be venturing out killing all kinds of monsters along with their AI companion as they protect their home called the Vein. It’s clear from what has been shown that the game takes inspiration from both Bloodborne and the Souls series as bosses and enemies won’t think twice to beat you down as you dodge their attacks. By defeating enemies you will become stronger meaning that those once overwhelmingly difficult enemies will become a tad easier to defeat. Leaning too much on your vampiric side though could you see you becoming a Lost, basically a creature devoid of any humanity. Keeping this balance will prove difficult as the lure of becoming stronger could prove too much.

While the game is clearly inspired by the Souls games, it does have it’s own identity thanks to its flashy moves and unique (and also intriguing) setting and world. It would be interesting to see if the game will do justice to the series that inspired it.

Are you excited about Code Vein or have you had enough of vampires?

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