Riddle Me This Riddle Me That, Guess Who's Back In The New Batman Telltale Game?

Telltale has released a new trailer for their second Batman adventure game, Batman: The Enemy Within.

The new Batman: The Enemy Within trailer features two familiar faces, both equally dangerous: one a clown-faced madman and the other a cold calculating killer obsessed with puzzles.

Batman: The Enemy Within

There’s a new villain in town who believes that he is smarter than those trying to capture him. He relishes puzzles and riddles creating elaborate death traps for his victims. He’s called The Riddler. However, his appearance merely foreshadows an even greater threat.

The new game will also mark the return of the Joker, with whom Bruce Wayne is forced to form an uneasy alliance. How far into the darkness is Bruce willing to venture? Can he trust the Joker or will this alliance be a costly mistake?

Choices players made in the first Telltale Batman game will carry over into The Enemy Within, allowing each player to have a unique experience from the get go.

Episode 1 of Batman: The Enemy Within, titled ‘The Enigma’, is available for download on August 8, with the full season pass disc set to hit stores this October.

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