Could There Be A New Batman Arkham Game On The Way?

Ready your Batmobiles! If the rumors are to be believed, we might be getting a new Batman Arkham game very soon.

Holy Smokes, Batman! Could There Be A New Batman Arkham Game On The Way?

A teaser image from Warner Bros. Games, tweeted out by IGN France, suggests that we might be returning to the Arkham universe soon. The image features the words “Save The Date” and “8th of March 2017”. Although the image might at first glance seem to be nothing more than a date and Warner Bros. logo, there are those who speculate that it reveals much more. Some have commented that the color, text, and font looks quite similar to a teaser image that was used for Batman: Arkham Origins (See above images). It has also been suggested that the cracked Warner Bros. Games logo is almost identical to the one that has been used in the Arkham series before.

Last year Kotaku reported that Warner Bros. Montreal was working on a new Batman: Arkham title that would be focusing on Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne.

Besides the possibility of a new Arkham game being announced, some have speculated that this might be an announcement for the long awaited sequel to Shadow of Mordor. We are still hoping for a new Batman: Arkham Game announcement.

So what is your take on all this? Do you think that the rumors might be true? Could There Be A New Batman Arkham Game On The Way?

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