Nerdy Christmas Gift Ideas 2013 Part 1

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If you’re anything like me then the internet has become an open source for you to buy endless amounts of junk – at a great price nevertheless. Looking for a place to spend your money? Look no further! and has endless amounts of cool stuff that will have any nerd drooling. Sure its the oddest, strangest and weirdest stuff you have ever seen, but I’ll bet you top dollar you will find something ridiculous that you just “NEED” to own…

Light Up Guitar Pick

Light up the stage with something other than your skills by playing with the the light up guitar pick. The eye catching picks light up with insanely bright colors allowing you to thrill and awe your audience with something other than your insane shredding.

NES Lunchbox

Power up your afternoon meals by encasing them inside a recycled NES lunchbox. This one of a kind lunchbox is made from a re-purposed original Nintendo console and features a high quality handle to accent the look. Your young gamer will be the envy of every kid at school.

Ninja Turtles Onesie

Dress your offspring like the pint sized warrior that he is with the Ninja Turtles onesie. Each onesie features an adorable little shell on the back and comes available in four distinct styles, so you can choose your favorite Ninja Turtle or alternate between all four.

Star Wars AT-AT Bookcase

The Empire Strikes Book with this Imperial AT-AT bookcase. This hand-made piece is a must have collectible for Star Wars fans – and is perfect for displaying your books and memorabilia in geeky fashion. And for the Rebel bookworms, there is also a Millennium Falcon bookcase available.

Daft Punk Action Figures

Go harder, better, faster, and stronger with your toy collection when you get your hands on these Daft Punk action figures. The iconic electronic music duo are finally in adjustable figurine form, and are looking to drop some sick beats that will rock the Barbie toy house.

LOTR Salt And Pepper Shakers

YOU SHALL NOT PASS at the dinner table when you’ve got these Lord Of The Rings themed salt and pepper shakers available — unless you are asked nicely, of course. These geeky shakers are available in many different styles, including but not limited to Gandalf fighting Saruman.

Classic Book Staircase Stickers

Decorate your home with the greatest literary works of the English language with the classic book staircase stickers. These unique stickers transform any dull staircase into a seemingly endless pile of classic books conveniently stacked so you can get to the second floor.

Iron Man Hand USB Drive

Get Tony Stark to lend you a hand in saving all your important documents by storing them in the Iron Man hand USB drive. Developed in Stark Laboratories, the USB drives are not only reliable but let you carry a small piece of the famed Avenger wherever you go.

Back To The Future Shoes

Prepare yourself for some pretty heavy news, because for the first time you can own a pair of Back To The Future shoes, just like Marty McFly. These limited edition shoes bring 2015′s latest trends to the present; no sneaker head or movie buff will be able to resist.

Mr. T Teapot

We pity the fool that don’t use the Mr. T teapot for afternoon tea and crumpets because this unique teapot is the complete package. Apart from enjoying the sight of Mr. T’s epic mohawk, the teapot’s design allows you to stack the pot on top of the mug for easy storage.

Iron Man Light Up Shoes

These custom Nike Iron Man light-up shoes were specially made for Tony Stark. These trademark red and gold shoes light up when you walk and feature LED lights that resemble Stark’s Arc reactor.

Batman Booster Seat

Protect your toddler the next time you venture out into traffic by placing them on the Batman booster seat. With the Batman seat, you’ll get some peace of mind and be able to concentrate on the road ahead knowing the Dark Knight himself is protecting junior.

Spiderman Socks

That’s not your spidey sense tingling – your feet are just freezing! But now you can warm them up and feel like a crime fighting superhero all at the same time with these Spiderman socks. These geeky socks are also available in Iron-Man and Wolverine styles.

Hoodie Backpack

Ward off those spring time showers without constantly lugging around an umbrella or dorky raincoat with the hoodie backpack. The backpack features a functional hood you can easily slip on whenever the weather turns bad or you need to catch a few Z’s in class.

Bat Signal Keychain Light

Feel just like Commissioner Gordon – minus the burly mustache – every time you take out the bat signal keychain light. This portable bat signal comes encased in a sleek case even Bruce Wayne would approve of and works faster than dialing 911 during emergencies.


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