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NerdNab is a service in which you pay R350 and get a mystery box crammed with goodies for geeks. The goodies could be figurines, DVDS, Games, toys, comics, clothing – the possibilities are endless. Each box has a theme and the one in front of me today is Christmas Holiday themed.

As you can see the NerdNab packaging is rather impressive. The box is personalised and the print is actually part of the box. This is not some generic box with a label stuck to it. It’s the result of good planning and brand marketing. This packaging is legit and rivals the likes of the big names out there that offer a similar service.

Open the box and you will find a package that has been filled with some great goods.

NerdNab unboxing

In this box I received:

Two Button Badges.

Both badges were gaming related. One was a Dying Light badge and the other was none other than the Road Warrior himself, Mad Max. The badges are officially licensed and hold the quality to prove it. So this is not some home-made button badge!


DOTA 2 Logo 3D printed Keyring

I am no stranger to the 3D printing scene, I am also not a big fan of the current limitations of the 3D printing process. 3D printing is a great idea and this keyring was made by Make-A-Block, a company that specialises in 3D printing. The rubber used in 3D printing is just too brittle and you can see the melted plastic threads creeping out of the logo. It is a nice addition to the box but the time factor seems to be the key downfall of the current 3D printing process. I do not want to spend 9 hours on making a keyring, but thanks to Make-A-Block you will not have to get your hands dirty or spend your life hours on 3D printing.


Many people know that I am a fan of this board game, so I was delighted to receive a Limited Edition Heroclix piece in this box. To make things better, this HeroClix is one of the infamous Angel from Marvel Comics the X-men. The great thing about limited edition pieces is that they hold value and higher rarity than you average piece. Often the only way to get these pieces is to participate in Heroclix organised play tournaments. This figure has a great sculpt and the finishing paint job is not too bad as well. This figure looks great and it is also a Switch Clix, which is able to form part of the X-Men Gold Team Base.


Rory’ Story Cubes

This is a great product. Each NerdNab box has one of the 3 sets and, fortunately, I received the “clues” set which deals with crime, murder and mystery. This is a non-competitive game where you literally roll the dice and create a story using the images displayed on the dice. I really enjoyed this game as it takes you back to the time where storytelling was important and valued. I have a four year old son and we started playing this game. I had grown tired of his usual fairytale stories, so we rolled this dice and, much like Jumanji, our imaginations took us on a journey of murder and mystery that included the likes of Batman, Spiderman and Master Splinter. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to Rory’s story cubes. Other themed cubes include the green Prehistoria set and the Pink Enchanted set. This game can only get better by mixing these sets together!

Nano Block

Nano Blocks are definitely for the more adult collector, as these pieces as millimetres in size. Tying in withe the theme, I received a Nano Block Santa in my NerdNab box. This Nano Block Santa has over 170 tiny little pieces that come together to create an awesome looking pixelated Santa. Nano Blocks are a great product and definitely, one for the more adult builder as these tiny blocks are like 4mm big.

NerdNab South Africa

Angry Birds: Star Wars

With Star Wars Force awakens being launched in December and the Angry Birds cinematic debut around the corner, the addition of the Angry Birds: Star Wars PC game seems quite fitting. Imagine your favorite birds honing the powers of the force as they defend the galaxy from the Pig Empire. The battle against the Pig troopers as you protect the galaxy from Pig Vader and the Pig Star.

kersVADER t-shirt

This is a limited edition T-shirt designed by a freelance artist known as Crowther Lindeque. This T-shirt features the infamous Darth Vader as he prepares for a festive season aboard the Deathstar. Check out more of Lindeques’ works at!

A Comic Book

What would a geek box be without a comic right? NerdNab has given us a free comic that will educate the masses on Marvel’s Infinity Stones and the threat that is the titan Thanos. With this being at the epicentre of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe;, I truly appreciated that NerdNab is trying to give their subscribers comic knowledge on the subject matter. There are so many geeks out there living on movie knowledge and, let’s be honest, that is nothing to be proud of. So this is definitely a job well done by NerdNab.

There is also another NerdNab option known as “Nabber Plus” with this option you pay for three editions up front for the reduced price of R999 as opposed to R350 per edition. So not only do you save a little, but Nabber Plus purchasers also stand a chance at winning upgraded NerdNab boxes. These upgraded boxes often contain some rather valuable items such as limited edition action figures, Limited Edition T-shirts, Console Games and much more!

Also, one lucky NerdNab purchaser aka Nabber stands to win the “Motherload” each month by simply purchasing the product. The “Motherload” pretty much describes itself and it is nothing short of impressive! This Holiday edition Motherload contained the following: An X-wing Starter set with some limited edition pieces; a licensed Assasin’s Creed pocket watched which is also a limited edition; a complete set of Rory’s Story cubes; A Nano Block Pirate ship that contains thousands of tiny pieces for the “Next-Level” block builder…it does look great though…a pixelated pirate ship is a true sight of beauty! A limited edition X-Box one Jacket provided by X-Box SA and last but not least an Infinity Guantlet. Yes, a freaking money bank that looks like the gauntlet itself!

NerdNab is definitely a brand that is more focused on doing this kind of thing, they are more brand conscious and the gifts in this box does not feel like random nonsense accumulated in order to meet you R350 spent. The theme does shine through and that is important when it comes to offering these blind boxed gifting services. That being said, the February/March Edition is going to feature a rather infamous character the Merc with a Mouth (Deadpool)! Visit for more details!

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