With two superhero related films having kicked off in the first quarter of this year, it is not difficult to decipher just what the main attractions of this NerdNab box will be. Will this box beat the Holiday Edition?

nerdnab unboxing

Upon opening this box I received the following awesome goodies:

A Batman v Superman calendar which can be used to track all of the other superhero movies coming out this year! The calendar is A4 in size and has a lovely high gloss finish. The paper looks like photographic paper, making for a calendar that looks high end and worth keeping!

A Strategic Homeland Division Badge from the latest Tom Clancy offering known as “the Division”. The game released in March so it is fitting that this is part of the package. The badge is embroidered and is of great quality.

As mentioned before, I am a fan of HeroClix. These NerdNab editions feature another Heroclix collectable mini-figures from the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Having always viewed Yu-Gi-Oh as the fake Pokemon, I never really got around to learning about the core Yu-Gi-Oh characters and creatures. So I was excited to see what I got. I pulled a Common Piece known as the Dark Assailant from Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclix series 2. This piece looks tiny in scale but has a decent sculpt with impressive paint finishing. I have seen some poorly painted HeroClix in my lifetime, however, this Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix piece is on point and looks crisp. This Heroclix is a blind bag so lucky subscribers may pull super rare or chase figures, which hold different values.

nerdnab unboxing review

Another Blind Bag inclusion is the Age of Ultron Dice Masters. Dice Masters in another board game brought to you by Wizkids, the people behind Heroclix. Dice Masters is a dice deck building game which features custom-made dice with unique logos and numbers. Once again, this is also a blind bag. Lucky subscribers could pull dice and cards that hold a great amount of value. There are pieces that can sell up to as much as $50, if not more. Sadly, I pulled a rather common pack so I got two generic cards; S.H.I.E.L.D Agent and S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.

The item that made this entire box for me had to be the Lego Silver Centurion Iron Man. This is an exclusive Poly Bag that was given to those that Pre-Ordered the new Lego Avengers Game. This piece was one I was dying to get my hands on. To find it in this Nerd Nab box was a pleasant surprise. The Lego video games are great fun for the whole family and this Silver Centurion Iron Man is one Lego piece that will be causing fights between my son and me!

nerdnab unboxing review

A custom T-shirt bearing the infamous Batman v Superman line, “Tell me, do you bleed?” This shirt arrived before the new film, so it would be a great item to wear to the very movie that inspired this design. The T-Shirt looks good for the most part. Batman and Superman have a more cartoon-like look, however, I love the design of the t-shirts and its characters. The only problem is that some of my T-shirt’s print was flaking off and I had not even worn or washed it yet. So in comparison to Kers-Vader from the Holiday edition, this shirt is rather inferior. Fortunately, the areas flaking off on the T-Shirt sort of blends in with the background image and text.

Last but not least is the Deadpool Comic Book. This is a first issue print of a more recent Deadpool arc; one that definitely bangs for your buck considering that it usually retails around double the value of a regular comic. Everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth finds himself in a new adventure that will be filled with all things Deadpool! This comic also has a digital code for those wishing to download the digital version to their various devices.


There is also another NerdNab option known as “Nabber Plus”. With this option you pay for three editions up front for the reduced price of R999 as opposed to R350 per edition. So not only do you save a little, but Nabber Plus purchasers also stand a chance at winning upgraded NerdNab boxes. The Deadpool Edition of Nabber Plus contained some awesome items such as An Age of Ultron Dice Masters Starter Set (which contains everything you need in order to get the game rolling), A Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix starter set (which contains some of the series’ most memorable creatures), a map and a rule book which will teach your everything you need to know about Heroclix! The most awesome item has to be the Deadpool Beanie. The Deadpool beanie looks like the titular hero’s mask and will be a great asset to have this winter as it will leave you looking like a badass!

Also, one lucky NerdNab purchaser, aka Nabber, stands to win the “Motherload” each month by simply purchasing the product. The “Motherload” pretty much describes itself and it is nothing short of impressive! This Deadpool edition Motherload contained the following: Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters Collectors Set, a Yu-Gi-Oh Starter set, Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection Hamper which includes a T-Shirt, some coasters, and a pin badge. It also contained a PS4 Hamper (which contained four PS4 games), a PS4 beanie, lanyard, and keyring plus a Kratos Mini Figure. But that was not all! There was also an X-Com Hamper which consisted of the X-Com Board Game, X-Com artbook, X-Com PC game, a mug, a T-Shirt and novel! And the Motherload all goes to one lucky subscriber!


NerdNab continues to impress with the number of items they have access to. Although this Deadpool Edition could have had more Deadpool in it, this box is still bang for your buck. The goods are worth more than the R350 you will have to fork out for all the items inside. NerdNab is definitely next level when it comes to Geek Subscription goods!

Visit http://nerdnab.ninja/ for more details and order today!

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