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Today we take a look at Nerd Nab’s June/July offering and this month has a “fighting” theme. This box is definitely the most consistent and it feels as though more thought was put into the components. It is a successful box that is definitely the standout in the series released thus far.

Nerd Nab July 04

Let’s start off with the great figure included in this box. The mini-figure of Overwatch’s Winston is great. The detail on this little guy is amazing and it will definitely please fans of the Overwatch game. I have not got into the game as yet but this figure will definitely be placed on my display shelf.

Nerd Nab July 05

With the Winston figure being purple, the next inclusion in the box sticks to the colour scheme. AlwaysOn Wifi has included a goodie bag in this NerdNab box. In the bag, you will find a brochure that tells you more about the company and its services. Delve deeper into the back and you will find: a pen, badges, domed vinyl and a vast array of sweets which are all packaged in their trademark purple colour.

Nerd Nab July 02

A HearthStone Screen Cleaner is also included in this box; this was the only product related to the “Warcraft” cinematic release which also plays into the whole “Fighting” theme. The screen cleaner is a nifty little device that works like a bomb.

Another great inclusion is Zomlings. I saw the advert for these miniature monsters on TV about a month ago. Each Bag contains a random Zombling which you then use in a bit of a battle game in which you have to fling the characters at one another. There is also another battle game in which you must attack the Zomling houses in order to gain territory. But all games aside, these little guys are just great to collect.

Nerd Nab July 03

Nu Metro has included a mini torch light in this box, it is a pressure sensitive torch which can help you to find your goods when you are in the darkest of cinemas.

Tying in with the cinematic release of TMNT “Out of the Shadows” Nerd Nab has included a few ninja-like items.

Nerd Nab July

With this film being the debut of Bebop and Rocksteady, you will find that NerdNab has included the debut issue of Bebop and Rocksteady‘s very own comic run. This is a great addition to the box as these comics are rather contemporary.

An actual ninja star is included in this Nerd Nab set. Warning this is not a toy. This is a legit ninja star made out of metal and it is sharp! The ninja star comes with its own wallet-like pouch for the times that it is not in use.

Nerd Nab July 06

Then finally, we get a T-shirt that I can enjoy. One I actually see myself wearing! This months T-shirt is Ninja Turtle themed. It has a logo for each character and then the words, “Keep Calm and Eat Pizza!” So I will definitely be wearing this when I visit a pizza place this week. The quality of the shirt material is great and the print seems like it is not cracking or flakey, which has been my main problem with the T-shirts of the past.

Nerd Nab July 07

Nabber Ninja winners received a few more great items in comparison to us normal folk. Their prize consisted of the following: a Deadpool DVD, a Zombling Tower Pack and an extra Zombling and a Street Fighter backpack hanger.

The Nerd Nab Motherload packed some extra punch. The winner received: A Naruto metal poster, a Zombling Collector Tin (which is filled to the brim with Zombling goods) and, last but not least, Ninja turtles Fabrikations Plushies (one of each character) and real life weapons. Each weapon obviously being the signature weapon of the Ninja Turtles. Somehow they even managed to ship a bo staff!

This is a great box as you can truly feel the theme shining through this time round. It does not feel like a bunch of random goods being tossed into a bag, and this is great! Well done to the Nerd Nab team for giving us a rather impressive product!

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