I am loving this October/November edition of Nerd Nab! They have pulled off a great surprise with the goodies in this month’s box. You have a little bit of everything!

Nerd Nab: October/November Edition Review

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by the lovely surprise of an amazing Dishonoured 2 T-shirt – a nice cotton, grey T-shirt bearing a great looking crest that has been printed in black.

Nerd Nab: October/November Edition Review

Razer has been so kind as to include a vast array of gamer gear, from stickers and signage to dog tags, lanyards, and keyrings – all bearing their signature logo.

Nerd Nab: October/November Edition Review

Pixel Art by Morph Creations is next on the list. Although I got a rather girly looking heart, these items are still great and comprise of 1cm by 1cm stickers that create a retro-looking pixelated image when completed. These will definitely make great gifts for filling those Christmas stockings.

Nerd Nab: October/November Edition Review

An abundance of Pokemon goods can be found in this box. With the launch of Pokemon Go!, it looks like this franchise is definitely being sought after once again. In this pack, you will bet on of two Rare Promo cards and one of two Pokemon coins. You will also get a booster of Pokemon XY which takes the original set and adds a few alternate versions of Pokemon Evolution cards. This really gave me nostalgia, as my rare card was Beedrill – the first rare card I got back in 2000!

lego dimensions

My favourite item has to be the Lego Dimensions Green Arrow Limited Edition figure. This polybag contains the single figure and his base plate. The figure has two faces and comes with the Green Arrows signature weapons. Being a sucker for Lego, this is definitely the greatest item I could wish for in this box.


An Overwatch Halloween bag can be found in here as well: It contains a mask, some balloons, A button badge and a sticker sheet. All int a nice Overwatch polybag.

Marvel Zombies

And last but not least you have the first issue of Marvel Zombies a great arc for all True Believers. We get to see many of our favourite heroes as bloodthirsty zombies as they become the Earth’s greatest threat.

All in all, this is a great box. Some lucky Motherload winners received exceptional prizes of note, but this regular edition is enough to make any subscriber happy! I look forward to what NERD NAB have in store for us in 2017!

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