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Nerd Nab May Edition is here. This edition does not have a real specific theme but, as expected, there is a movie tie-in. Being that May is the month that Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas nationwide, there is quite a lot cool stuff in the box.

nerd nab PLEASE

This Nerd Nab box feels rather bulky this time around. In this box, you will find two of the three refreshing flavours of PLEASE Energy drink. PLEASE is an organisation that aims to educate and uplift communities across the continent. This energy drink is far more than a consumable product as the can also bears a powerful message in the hopes of stimulating economic and social change. There is also a cool PLEASE vinyl sticker in your Nerd Nab box.


Play It Forward Sneaky Cards can be found in the Nerd Nab box too. Two Random Cards from the deck have been inserted into this month’s Nerd Nab. Play It Forward is an interactive Scavenger Hunt and Nabbers will get the chance to get the ball rolling on social media. Each Nabber that posts a photo on Social Media of themselves completing their Sneaky Card mission stands a chance to win a full deck of Play It Forward: Sneaky Cards.


Finally, I own a CubeBot! For years, I have been trying to justify myself purchasing a CubeBot. Let’s face it, these products are not exactly cheap but they sure are desirable. This CubeBot was a lovely addition to this month’s Nerd Nab. They are truly remarkable, durable and have multiple points of articulation.

System Crash is a downloadable card game. This single player game is inspired by both Blade Runner and Neuromancer. Card duels represent runs which you will have to mastermind in order to pull off a successful run. This game would usually set you back a few hundred Rand but, thanks to your subscription, you will be receiving this full game as a free digital download.


Civil War is here and you will find two items that go hand in hand with the theatrical release. First and foremost, you will receive a Marvel True Believers print of the first edition of the original Civil War Comic Run. This comic sets the premise for what the cinema-verse refers to as the Sovakia Papers. Find out where the movie drew inspiration from and you will also discover that the movie is only about 10% true to its superior comic counterpart!

Also included is an awesome t-shirt bearing a great design done by Crowther Lindeue who has won the design competition before. This all new design recreates a very cool moment from the Civil War movie; the appearance of Spiderman as he joins in the epic airport battle. The shirt material feels great and really does the design justice!


As usual, there are Motherload prizes and Nerd Nabber plus competition prizes. This month there is also a Nabber Ninja Customer Bonus Item.

The Motherload is rather awesome as usual. The winner walks away with: A multi-colour Cube Bot, a deck of Sneaky cards, A DOOM hamper (keyring, T-shirt and much more), a BattleBorn hamper (cap, mug and T-shirt), PLEASE Meal replacement shakes, a 9H Fnatic Edition Headset (for the ultimate gaming experience) and, last but not least, my favourite, a Sega Mega Drive console with wireless controllers and 80 built-in games (so you can relive your childhood once more).

Nabber Plus Winners stood the chance of winning Rachet and Clank for PS4, Quantum Break for Xbox One and a steam gift card for Enter The Gungeon. They also receive 3D lenticular Keyrings from Batman v Superman which depict both heroes on single cards. They also received a Sneaky Cards Demo Pack.

Nabber Ninja Customers received a Please Nutriblend shake (for when you need to keep those calories up but do not have the time to do so).

Overall, this box was satisfactory. Unfortunately, not as exciting as the previous month’s box. With the exception of the CubeBot, I just found that the products are items that I could live without. So this box left me wanting. Also with May being Star Wars month, it would have been great to see a single Star Wars item included (even if it were a badge or patch). Nerd Nab did excuse themselves to this fact, but May the 4th be with you is a big day on many calendars.

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